Conference Presentation: Destination: Patient Outcomes – Our Journey to Improving Patient Care

Outcomes á la Carte

Sunday, January 21
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Mediterranean 1

Physician Credits: 1.0

Nursing CE Credits: 1.0

Pharmacy Credits: 1.0

ACPE UAN: 0809-9999-18-058-L04-P (Knowledge)

From a menu of 20 topics relevant to educational outcome measurement, the audience will use ARS to vote for their top 5 that will be covered in this 60-minute session. The top 5 topics will be addressed with step-by-step instructions, enabling each participant to implement at least 5 new skills in their own educational practice. The list of 20 topics fall into the following categories: outcome study design, evaluation tools, question-writing guidelines, and statistical analyses.

They include:

  1. How do I demonstrate CME effectiveness?
  2. Is pre vs. post the only study design?
  3. Do I need a control group?
  4. Why should I care about validity?
  5. How do I write better assessment questions?
  6. What is a formative assessment?
  7. How many points should I use on my rating scale?
  8. How do I measure satisfaction?
  9. How many responses do I need for my needs assessment survey?
  10. How many responses do I need for my outcomes assessment?
  11. How do I interpret P value?
  12. How many P values are too many?
  13. What if my pre- and post-activity questions use different scales?
  14. Which statistical test should I use?
  15. How do I test for statistical significance for multiple-choice questions?
  16. How do I test for statistical significance for rating scale questions?
  17. What is effect size?
  18. How do I calculate a Cohen’s d?
  19. Why do I have so many negative, open-ended comments on my evaluation?
  20. How can I determine patient impact for CME that is designed to affect knowledge acquisition?

Learning Objectives:

Jason Olivieri

Director of Outcomes
Baltimore, Maryland

Jason Olivieri is Director of Outcomes at Med-IQ. Mr. Olivieri has 10+ years of experience devoted to the assessment of CME across a variety of provider types, including accredited medical education companies, health care systems and academia. He has published numerous articles regarding CME assessment, presented at the ACEHP annual meeting, SACME, MAACME and CMEPalooza, and maintains a CME assessment blog: www.assessCME.wordpress.com.


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Outcomes á la Carte

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