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Conference Presentation: Destination: Patient Outcomes – Our Journey to Improving Patient Care

The Value Add of Virtual Technologies in CE

Monday, January 22
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Palazzo E

Physician Credits: 1.0

Nursing CE Credits: 1.0

Pharmacy Credits: 1.0

ACPE UAN: 0809-9999-18-087-L04-P (Knowledge)

The CME industry continues to face the challenge of engaging learners in a manner that improves overall educational outcomes and supports the conversion of knowledge into practice in an impactful way, with didactic lecture showing limited reach. Adapting to the latest technologies available can help CME overcome this challenge by providing a more diverse, immersive learning experience.
For example, virtual reality (VR) is currently applied in a variety of ways in the healthcare industry, such as helping surgeons visualize a surgery, helping to relax chronic patients, allowing long-term patients to participate in outside activities, supporting rehabilitation of traumatized nervous systems and making repetitive motion exercises more fun.
It is important that CME stays apace with innovations in the healthcare setting as part of our overall mission to improve the quality of care delivered and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As more healthcare practitioners utilize virtual technology in training and practice, their awareness of its impact leads to greater expectations for immersive education. With this in mind, MLG conducted extensive research on the impact of immersive virtual technologies, such as 3D and VR animations, on medical education. Based on our literature review, we have found such technologies can 1) improve engagement; 2) enhance recall; and 3) facilitate greater comprehension. Many in the educational setting thus believe the immersive educational experience offered by virtual technology is poised to be the new and most impactful way of disseminating education and information.
Based on these findings, MLG, with initial support from Eli Lilly and Company, began incorporating 3D and then VR and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into its CME programs, allowing participants to enter a patient’s body, view disease pathophysiology, the mechanism of action of different therapeutic agents, and the impact of comorbidities and adverse events. Moreover, post activity, participants have the opportunity to download the animations and order 3D or VR glasses. Participants can then view the animations together with colleagues, patients, and caregivers, furthering collaboration in care and engaging the patient and their care team in the decision making process. As Mary Spio, CEO of Next Galaxy said, VR “is going to be instrumental in the training and education of not just health care workers and medical professionals, but also patient education” by helping them visual what procedures and treatments will do for them, which can substantially increasing by-in and adherence.
The results and feedback from MLG’s 3D and VR programs to date demonstrate the central role CME can play in bringing these innovative and engaging experiences directly to the patient to ultimately improve patient outcomes. Given the success of these programs and the exceptional nature of this type of education, MLG is seeking to highlight this innovation at the 2017 annual meeting. At this session, MLG will lead an interactive discussion regarding the incorporation of virtual technology into CME, looking at both the how-to and the educational impact of these resources. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a variety of the educational technologies, including virtual and augmented reality tools.

Learning Objectives:

Matthew Frese

General Manager
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Matthew Frese, General Manager for Med Learning Group, is responsible for the development and implementation of the vision and mission of MLG's CME programming. Matthew has more than 12 years of experience in the Continuing Medical Education arena. Matthew specializes in the development of innovative approaches to continuing education programming and the development of unique partnerships to provide continuing education and data solutions.


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Andrew M. Grzybowski

Senior Vice President, Educational Partnerships
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Andrew leads the partnerships and collaborations department at Med Learning Group. Within this role he is responsible for external contact with numerous groups including, granting organizations, patient advocacy groups, medical societies, technology providers and government agencies. Andrew has a great understanding of the value of partnerships and collaborations in the CME space which allows for our education to reach more practitioners and be more impactful in improving patient care. Andrew has over 9 years’ experience as a medical professional, previously working at Quintiles Medical Education where he was Director of Medical Educational and Grants. Having experience in numerous arms of clinical development and medical affairs has allowed Andrew to bring unique and impactful perspectives on MLG’s current and developing educational initiatives.


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Lauren Welch

VP, Outcomes and Accreditation
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Lauren leads Med Learning Group’s departments focused on educational outcomes analysis and accreditation policies and implementation. She is responsible for developing and reporting on the outcomes of our educational activities, analyzing impact on knowledge, practice, and collaboration with patients and their care teams. Reviewing outcomes across the life of MLG's programs, Lauren provides input to the program management team to ensure content and learning formats are meeting learning objectives, addressing system-based needs, and ultimately helping physicians improve patient care. Lauren also maintains Med Learning Group’s accreditation department, ensuring all activities are compliant with ACCME requirements and are conducted within the spirit of the guidelines with a focus on improving patient care.

Before joining Med Learning Group, Lauren worked with the Department of State for eight years. Lauren contributed to the development of the annual U.S foreign assistance budget, with a particular focus on programs in health and education. While in South Asia, Lauren helped implement healthcare support in countries across the region, and justified budget requests for international health programs to the U.S. Congress. Lauren holds a MA in International Development Studies.


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Rolando Brual

Consultant, Medical Education Grants
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ro is a registered pharmacist and a graduate of the Univ of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy. Ro has been employed by Eli Lilly and Co. for the past 30 years. Ro has had various roles at Lilly that have included Field Sales, Hospital Sales, Managed Care Account Manager, U.S. and Global Marketing, Pharmacy Trade Account Management and is currently a Consultant in U.S. Medical Education at Lilly in Indianapolis, IN. Ro is married with three children and resides in Carmel, IN.


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The Value Add of Virtual Technologies in CE


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