102 - Improving the Evaluation of Diabetic Retinopathy within a Closed Health System: A Quality Improvement Program

Health Care Problem

Vindico Medical Education and staff from the Cleveland Clinic (CC) implemented this QI program utilizing a closed network of endocrinologists and primary care providers (PCPs) at CC. Electronic medical records were assessed to measure the time between initial patient encounter and follow-up with ophthalmology for signs/symptoms of diabetic retinopathy (DR). The anticipated outcome was a reduction in this measure from baseline.  

Educational Strategy

Educational initiatives for the closed group included 1) two live programs; 2) one webinar; and 3) a monograph mailed with Endocrine Today. To expand the reach of the education, additional activities were provided: 1) slides audio of live lecture posted to RetinaCME.com, 2) expert presentation posted to Medscape.com and RetinaCME.com, and 3) web-posting of the Endocrine Today monograph to RetinaCME.

Patient-Level Outcome(s) Measured

Post-education, there was a 125-day and 130-day reductionin time between the initial patient visit and ophthalmology follow-up among endocrinologists and PCPs, respectively. The mean number of days since the last ophthalmic examination was 53.2 ± 40.8 days for endocrinologists and 55.2 ± 37.3 days for PCPs.

Katie Robinson

Associate Director, Medical Research and Quality Outcomes
Vindico Medical Education

Within the Office of Medical Affairs at Vindico Medical Education, Katie Robinson is intimately involved in the analysis and reporting of program outcomes. Also intimately involved inthe development of needs assessments and innovative formats for CE activities, Katie is uniquely positioned within the company to facilitate the continuum of learning. Prior to her 6 years in the CE community, Katie received her PhD in Pharmacology from Johns Hopkins University and has over 8 years of basic and clinical research experience at both Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania.

Rob A. Esgro

Chief Operating Officer
Vindico Medical Education, New Jersey

Rob has been with the Wyanoke Group since 2004. Rob has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, publishing and medical education areas. After several promotions within the Wyanoke Group, in 2012, Rob was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Vindico Medical Education. He oversees operations, finance, medical affairs, meeting planning and grant development. He continues to work with the leadership team to maintain the highest quality education for all learners.