107 - The DETECT Initiative: Creating a Community of Care in Alzheimer's Disease

Health Care Problem

In 2016, MLG launched the DETECT Initiative, a multi-faceted CME series in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), with 6,495 live participants and over 11,900 online participants thus far.  At each session, national and local faculty paired up to ensure local barriers to care were addressed. With an enthusiastic partner in the Alzheimer’s Association, representatives from local chapters participated in 51 Summits across the country. The Health Resources and Services Administration also supported program awareness.

The initiative offers participants in-practice tools to enhance collaboration with patients and colleagues, including personalized posters, downloadable 3D animations, and an app/website, DETECTalz.com, providing vetted references, Q&A, and connections to support organizations.

After analyzing a variety of resources, including medical literature, professional websites, clinical trial data, and consensus algorithms, MLG identified key gaps in the management of AD patients: lack of awareness of the benefits of an early diagnosis, the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit checklist, data on existing and investigational therapies, and strategies to improve communication with patients/caregivers.

Anticipated outcomes included improved knowledge across these gaps with associated changes in behavior, measured by pre/posttests, evaluations, and Behavior Modification Surveys. Follow-up interviews/ surveys with participants who utilized the in-practice learning tools indicated how this program enhanced partnerships with patients and caregivers.


Of particular interest, MLG found the DETECT Initiative created a space for collaborations among national and local experts, HCPs, and patient organizations working to support patients and caregivers battling AD, resulting in a unique community of care that continues to dialogue via the DETECT website and follow-on programming. 

Educational Strategy

MLG received support from Eli Lilly to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association and HRSA to develop the DETECT initiative, which included 51 National Summits, 20 Grand Rounds at hospitals and 17 Roving Reporter Online Activities based on gaps identified in the local settings.

DETECT also included learning tools to advance the quality of AD care:

The initiative addressed local needs and offered connection points with national experts and support groups:

Patient-Level Outcome(s) Measured

Key findings relating to efforts to enhance collaboration reveal how DETECT helped create an expansive community of care that continues to interact.

For instance, the following feedback from a participant who downloaded the 3D animations exemplifies how this tool engaged caregivers/patients in their care:

Moreover, 77% of respondents to surveys indicated they have used the personalized posters when speaking with caregivers or patients, and the majority highlighted its educational value. There have been 1,783 poster orders.

Likewise, the DETECT app/website has had over 33,000 views and continues to provide a space for collaboration among participants in this program.

Beyond its expansive reach, there are two factors that set this initiative apart in regards to its impact on the healthcare industry:

Through these achievements, the DETECT initiative is demonstrable of the pivotal role CME can play in achieving our National Quality Strategy aims, particularly in terms of improved coordination of care and patient/caregiver engagement.

Matthew Frese

General Manager
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Matthew Frese, General Manager for Med Learning Group, is responsible for the development and implementation of the vision and mission of MLG's CME programming. Matthew has more than 12 years of experience in the Continuing Medical Education arena. Matthew specializes in the development of innovative approaches to continuing education programming and the development of unique partnerships to provide continuing education and data solutions.

Christina Gallo

Senior Vice President, Educational Development
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Christina Hosmer-Gallo, CHCP is the Senior Vice President of Educational Development at Med Learning Group. She has over 17 years’ experience in the medical education arena, specifically in the educational development and implementation of national and global programming. Christina is responsible for a team of program managers, project coordinators and recruitment solution architects, who are charged with implementing MLG's educational activities.

Lauren Welch

VP, Outcomes and Accreditation
Med Learning Group
New York, New York

Lauren leads Med Learning Group’s departments focused on educational outcomes analysis and accreditation policies and implementation. She is responsible for developing and reporting on the outcomes of our educational activities, analyzing impact on knowledge, practice, and collaboration with patients and their care teams. Reviewing outcomes across the life of MLG's programs, Lauren provides input to the program management team to ensure content and learning formats are meeting learning objectives, addressing system-based needs, and ultimately helping physicians improve patient care. Lauren also maintains Med Learning Group’s accreditation department, ensuring all activities are compliant with ACCME requirements and are conducted within the spirit of the guidelines with a focus on improving patient care.

Before joining Med Learning Group, Lauren worked with the Department of State for eight years. Lauren contributed to the development of the annual U.S foreign assistance budget, with a particular focus on programs in health and education. While in South Asia, Lauren helped implement healthcare support in countries across the region, and justified budget requests for international health programs to the U.S. Congress. Lauren holds a MA in International Development Studies.

Rolando Brual

Consultant, Medical Education Grants
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ro is a registered pharmacist and a graduate of the Univ of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy. Ro has been employed by Eli Lilly and Co. for the past 30 years. Ro has had various roles at Lilly that have included Field Sales, Hospital Sales, Managed Care Account Manager, U.S. and Global Marketing, Pharmacy Trade Account Management and is currently a Consultant in U.S. Medical Education at Lilly in Indianapolis, IN. Ro is married with three children and resides in Carmel, IN.