Exhibitor Symposia

Mitigating the Risk of Post-insertion Catheter Complications through Evidence-Based Vascular Access Management

Sunday, September 16
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Union Station Ballroom B

Over the last twenty-five years a great deal of attention has been given to improving insertion related practices for central vascular access devices. And while these interventions have decreased insertion risks, more clinical evidence is required to proactively manage and reduce the risk of post-insertion complications such as intraluminal catheter occlusion and blood stream infections. This sixty minute presentation will feature three, evidence-based outcome studies which highlight the necessity for best practices, differentiated product technology and procedures to mitigate the risk of post-insertion catheter-related complications.

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Nancy Trick, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC™

WW Manager Clinical Marketing

Ann Williams RN CRNI is the Infusion Specialist at Deaconess Home Services in Evansville, Indiana. In her role, Ann coordinates the education, development and implementation of home infusion therapy programs and therapies. Ann is highly involved in training agency RNs on IV therapy administration, specialty procedures, infusion pumps, supplies, and IV patient care. In her position, Ann acts as a liason between nursing staff and support staff to provide a smooth working environment for the delivery of care. Ann revises infusion teaching materials in accordance with the Standards of Infusion Nursing as well as ACHC, CDC and ISDH requirements. Ann oversees Quality Improvement processes for the Deaconses Home Services programs.

James Bitmead RN is a committed and experienced Infection Control nurse leading on IV access at University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) which is a large multi sited central London teaching hospital. In his current role James works with a wide range of clinical and non-clinical staff, demonstrating effective leadership within the infection control team. James has successfully implemented a number of different products to improve IV care. He is currently completing my MSc, focusing on leadership and infection control nursing.

Victor R. Lange, MS, MSPH, JD, PhD is the System Director, Infection Prevention and Control Alta Hospitals, LLC in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Lange conducts ongoing surveillance documentation andinvestigation of hospital-­‐acquired infections. He has implemented numerous clinical education programs, providing staff with essential knowledge and skills on infection-­‐control practices and preventive measures, ultimately improving both patient and healthcare worker safety.


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Ann Williams, RN, CRNI®

Infusion Specialist
Deaconess Home Services


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James Bitmead, RN

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse; IV Access Lead
University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)


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Victor Lange, MS, MSPH, JD, PhD

System Director, Infection Prevention & Control
Alta Hospitals, LLC


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Mitigating the Risk of Post-insertion Catheter Complications through Evidence-Based Vascular Access Management

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