Pre-Meeting Workshop

WS4 — Pre-Meeting Workshop: Radiographic Assessment of CVADs

Friday, September 14
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: C161-162
Presentation CE Credits: 4.8

Despite recent advancements in the use of intravascular ECG-guidance as a reliable method to confirm CVAD tip position, basic knowledge and understanding of vascular anatomy as defined by the chest radiograph remains crucial to the specialty practice of vascular access.
This session will address basic fundamentals of chest radiography including radiographic densities, exposure, patient position and rotation, degree of inspiration and search pattern. Contrast-enhanced digital imaging with direct correlation to the frontal chest radiograph will be used to accurately identify relevant structures such as the right and left mediastinal borders, including the right atrial appendage and cavoatrial junction, as well as arterial anatomy and aberrant vasculature. Osseous and airway structures will be defined radiographically as an alternative method to determine optimal CVAD tip location when vascular landmarks are obscured. Numerous cases will be presented and discussed demonstrating optimal, suboptimal and malpositioned CVADs.
Although the majority of radiographic images represent PICCs placed in adults, radiographs of centrally-inserted CVADs and PICCs in pediatric and neonatal patient populations will be included as well.

Learning Objectives:

Jamie B. Santolucito, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC™

Clinical Director
GoldStar Vascular Access

Jamie Bowen Santolucito has over 30 years’ experience in the specialty practice of vascular access and infusion therapy. Jamie has developed and presented PICC education programs to tens of thousands of clinicians, internationally. She is the author of several publications and has served as a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Infusion Nursing Society Standards of Practice, the Item Writing Review Board for the Association for Vascular Access Certification Corporation and the Association for Vascular Access Professional Advisory Council.

Jamie is the recipient of several awards including “Nurses of the Year Award” from Oregon Health & Science University Hospital as well as the Suzanne LaVere Herbst Award from the Association for Vascular Access.


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WS4 — Pre-Meeting Workshop: Radiographic Assessment of CVADs


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