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Facilitated Roundtable Discussion

DTC-14 - Efficacy of School-based Tele-education for Pediatric Asthma

Tuesday, May 1
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416

School age children with asthma face physical and academic challenges that their non-asthmatic peers do not. Proper management of asthma demands additional time and consideration from the student, parent, and often the school healthcare worker. When children do not have properly managed asthma, their school work often suffers even when they are present, because their ability to concentrate on content suffers as a result of the challenge to breathe. In the case of parents, proper management requires additional time away from work. For school healthcare workers, assisting children with acute treatments can demand a significant amount of time in an already busy schedule.

When children are trained on the proper administration of their preventative and rescue medication and the reasons for each, they are better able to manage their condition themselves. This empowers them to take care of themselves, enables them to focus more on their academic pursuits, and frees up parents and school healthcare professionals.

In order to best meet students' needs, we developed a curriculum, delivered remotely, designed to give elementary school children the information they need to better understand and manage their asthma. We also established a system of evaluations to determine comprehension and iteratively made improvements to better understand students learning. Furthermore, we added behavioral measures (from students, parents, and the school) to determine if the implementation was having a tangible, practical effect on students' ability to focus on school.

In this session, participants and discussants will collaboratively consider key components of a successful school-based model including brainstorming additional ways these partnerships can be strengthened, contribute to the ongoing development of the evaluative material, explore the strengths and weaknesses of the existing results and methodologies. Takeaways include practical tips for building a successful model that can include both educational and clinical components as well as suggestions on developing an effective evaluation.

Learning Objectives:

Nathan Culmer

Assistant Professor, Director of Academic Technologies and Faculty Development
The University of Alabama

Nathan Culmer, PhD is an Assistant Professor and Director of Academic Technologies and Faculty Development in the Medical Education Department of the College of Community Health Sciences at The University of Alabama. He conducts research on the use of technology in clinical and educational environments and on organizational behavior in medical and educational environments.


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Karen Burgess

Associate Professor, Chair of Pediatrics
The University of Alabama

Karen Burgess, MD, is a clinical professor and chair of the Department of Pediatrics at The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences. Dr. Burgess is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of the American Association of Physician Leadership, the Academic Pediatric Association, and the American Telemedicine Association. Her research interests focus on improving healthcare delivery and quality for children, incorporating a variety of topics such as access to care, obesity, and teen driving behaviors.


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Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Professor Department of Pediatrics
The University of Alabama

Beth Smith, MSN, CRNP, is an assistant professor and certified nurse practitioner in the Department of Pediatrics at the College of Community Health Sciences. Smith completed her Master's in Community Health nursing and the family nurse practitioner program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is board certified in nursing and is a board certified family nurse practitioner. Smith’s clinical interests include asthma, otolaryngology and telemedicine.


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Madison Desch

The University of Alabama

Madison Desch was born and raised in Lenexa, Kansas and currently an undergraduate student at The University of Alabama. She is currently a member of the Alabama Gymnastics Team and a former member of the US National Gymnastics Team. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 years old. Through this project, she hopes to further her knowledge in medical research in hopes of working in the medical field one day - whether that be in pediatrics or orthopedics.


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DTC-14 - Efficacy of School-based Tele-education for Pediatric Asthma

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