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EP-120 - Emerging Precision Mental Health Solutions to Pair with Telemedicine

Tuesday, May 1
9:55 AM - 10:10 AM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416, Screen 2

Innovations in mental health are critical given the inadequacies of the current approaches to care, including subjective diagnoses, trial-and-error treatments, poor treatment adherence, and shortages of trained psychiatrists. The fully realized vision of precision mental health involves the capacity to rapidly, accurately and cost-effectively diagnose, and develop personalized treatment and prevention plans based on combined analysis of genotypic, phenotypic, environmental, clinical, digital and behavioural data. Telepsychiatry is a near equivalent to in-person psychiatric visits, minimises issues of the psychiatrist shortage in rural areas, however we believe other synergistic tools will further develop the telemedicine experience. In this presentation, we will provide a concise review of the top 10 most relevant emerging technologies with brief case examples of easy-to-implement technologies which enhance the clinical and economic value of telemedicine. Examples will include: Multimodal and dynamic analyses of facial, voice and body movement can be combined with machine learning algorithms to support the screening and diagnosis of depression, and tracking of treatment outcomes. Advanced genetic testing can be used to personalize the treatment of antidepressant medications. Simple personality-based questionnaires can be completed on patients to derive communication insights to clinicians to boost adherence. We believe the paring of emerging precision mental health solutions will dramatically enhance patient care via telepsychiatry.

Learning Objectives:

Harris A. Eyre

Executive In Residence
Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute

Harris (MD, PhD, Fulbright Scholar (W.G. Walker)) is an executive in precision mental health. He is now based at the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center.

Harris supports the development of innovations to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health disorders with advanced technologies and biomarkers, such as genomics and big data analytics. Ultimately, his goal is to work within teams to advance the field of mental health, to reduce human suffering from disorders like depression. He aims to do so by converging his skills and experience in clinical psychiatry, neuroscience, clinical research, diplomacy, public health, digital technology, biotechnology and health system management.

He is currently Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of CNSDose, a company which has developed a world-leading genetic test to determine the best antidepressant treatment for people with depression. Chaired by The Hon Andrew Robb AO, the aim of CNSDose is to personalise antidepressant treatments, and therefore reduce the suffering that is caused by trial-and-error prescribing.

In 2013, he was awarded the Australian Medical Association of Queensland’s Junior Medical Officer of the Year Award.

In 2016, Harris was granted his PhD from The University of Adelaide on the brain mechanisms of depression. During his PhD, he was awarded the W.G. Walker Fulbright Scholarship, for the top-ranked postgraduate scholar in Australia, and studied mental health innovation at UCLA.

Harris was the 2017 Early Career Outstanding Alumni Award for the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University.

He has published 80 papers and spoken extensively on the fields of psychiatry and neuroscience, and is a reviewer for prominent journals, including World Psychiatry and the American Journal of Psychiatry.


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EP-120 - Emerging Precision Mental Health Solutions to Pair with Telemedicine

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