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EP-139 - Patient Satisfaction with Telemedicine: A Mixed-Methods Study to Implement a Satisfaction Tool (Master's Thesis)

Monday, April 30
9:55 AM - 10:10 AM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416, Screen 4

The University of Virginia Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth is nationally recognized as one of the oldest and most successful telehealth programs in the country. Founded in 1995, the UVA Center for Telehealth has facilitated more than 67,000 telemedicine service encounters in the following categories: live video patient encounters, store and forward, remote patient monitoring, patient education, clinician-to-clinician consultation, and patient home visits. The UVA Center for Telehealth offers 60 telemedicine specialty services at more than 150 partner sites throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, including health systems, community hospitals, federally qualified health centers, community service boards, health departments, skilled nursing facilities, medical practice sites, schools, and correctional facilities.

Despite the successful history of the Center for Telehealth, a comprehensive patient satisfaction review has never been conducted. In order to promote and grow the services of the center, both within the health system and with outside partners, we need evidence that shows the value and quality of the care we support and provide. My Master of Public Health thesis is a comprehensive satisfaction review and will be completed in December 2017. My study will assess the overall patient satisfaction with telemedicine services provided by the UVA Center for Telehealth at several of our rural partner sites. Furthermore, my study will evaluate the difference in satisfaction between various telehealth delivery systems: video consults, phone conversations, image transfer, and group education sessions. This is a mixed-methods study. The qualitative portion will consist of extensive interviews conducted with participants over the phone, and the quantitative portion will consist of Likert scale surveys filled out by patients in the clinics who choose to participate. In addition, a demographics assessment will be completed to assess differences in satisfaction between patients.
In fact, there is a lack of qualitative research on patient satisfaction with telemedicine. Also, there has been no standard satisfaction tool or assessment developed, as the field of telemedicine is extremely diverse and has not been universally adopted. Garcia et al. (2007) noted in their study, "Patient satisfaction can play an important role for decision makers implementing telemedicine systems. Yet there remains a limited understanding on what exactly constitutes satisfaction and what are the dimensions that define it." A literature search revealed that the majority of published studies are quantitative studies involving Likert scale survey assessments (e.g. LeRouge et al., 2015). Therefore, this qualitative research will be critical not only to improve and grow the UVA Center for Telehealth, but also to contribute to the existing field of telemedicine satisfaction literature. Additionally, I was unable to find a qualitative study that comprehensively looked at the difference in telemedicine delivery methods, which will be an important part of my study.

After completion of the study and subsequent analysis, the findings will not only inform the Center for Telehealth of current patient satisfaction but will also be used to develop and implement a satisfaction tool to be used with every telemedicine encounter.

Learning Objectives:

Kerry Cotter

Project Coordinator and Public Health Graduate Student
University of Virginia Center for Telehealth; University of Virginia School of Medicine

Kerry Cotter is the Data Analyst, Project Coordinator for the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (DRS) Program, and Global Program Coordinator in the University of Virginia Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth. She has run the DRS Program and spearheaded its statewide expansion since 2013 and has been working with other telemedicine programs since 2015. She graduated from Washington and Lee University with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Poverty and Human Capability Studies. Kerry is also currently a member of the Master of Public Health program at the University of Virginia. She is doing her Master's thesis on patient satisfaction with telemedicine and will graduate in May 2018.


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EP-139 - Patient Satisfaction with Telemedicine: A Mixed-Methods Study to Implement a Satisfaction Tool (Master's Thesis)

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