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DTC-05 - MyNursebot - A Voice App to Assist Patients with Chronic Diseases and Post Episode Recovery

Sunday, April 29
2:50 PM - 2:59 PM
Location: Innovation Zone, Booth 434

myNursebot - A bot with a human touch. It is a voice application to engage patients in the post acute care period by asking them the right questions regarding their vitals, compliance to medication, diet and exercise and other health conditions that may affect their recovery. Using artificial intelligence, myNursebot will continuously ask pertinent questions to the patient. Based on the answers myNursebot establishes the pattern of patient's health over time. If it finds that the patients is not on a "normal recovery path" it may inform the nursing staff to intervene and take care of the patient.

In addition to the post acute care, myNursebot can also engage patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension. It can ask for their vitals, glucose readings and blood pressure readings repeatedly to establish the pattern. myNursebot can engage the doctor's office if the patient's readings are above the target established by American Diabetes Association and JNC guidelines.

myNursebot is currently supported on Amazon's Alexa platform and will be supported on Google's Home, Microsoft Cortana and Apple's Siri as well.

myNursebot improves compliance and increases the patient satisfaction substantially. It also aims to reduce workload on nursing staff by asking questions timely and perhaps repeatedly for them. It may reduce healthcare cost because healthcare provider can do early interventions in a out-patient facility instead of hospitalization.

Learning Objectives:

Hersh Bhargava


Hersh Bhargava is the founder of myNursebot and is the driving force behind conceptualizing myNursebot to bring personlized care to the patients recovering from healthcare issues that may require persistent monitoring. Prior to myNursebot, he created a comprehensive blood pressure management mobile application to guide patients with hypertension according to JNC8 guidelines. He currently works out of the Sunnyvale, CA.

Mr. Bhargava has been working on innovative ideas for last 2 decades. He was the CTO of RafCore Inc, a company that provided real time visibility to asset and supply chain management systems. He received his undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering for IIT-Varanasi, India.


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DTC-05 - MyNursebot - A Voice App to Assist Patients with Chronic Diseases and Post Episode Recovery

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