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EP-117 - Your Geriatric Clinician Is a Click Away - Integrating Mobile Solutions with Homebound Geriatric Patients

Monday, April 30
4:25 PM - 4:40 PM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416, Screen 2

Telehealth has evolved over the years. The technology has changed from room based video conference systems to software and apps that can be downloaded and used on a smart phone or tablet. These advancements make it easier for health care providers to deliver care to patients. Baycrest has changed how health care is delivered to our geriatric home bound patients via Telehealth. Delivering health care to our patients at home reduces the risks and resources required to transport vulnerable patients from their homes to the hospital. It also enables family members and caregivers to be present promoting family centered care.

Baycrest Health Sciences and The Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation began planning of two pilot projects in April 2016. The goals of the projects were to reduce emergency department visits and provide patients with complex chronic conditions to stay at home while being able to see a physician.

The Integrated Community Care Team (ICCT) and the Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service (GPCS) are comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers and various allied health professionals. Members of these teams provide an important service to homebound older adults with complex needs. They visit patients at home to provide assessments and/or recommendations on either complex conditions or psychiatric assessments for patients with depression and memory loss.

Due to various conditions that may arise while visiting a patient at home, the teams on occasion rely on input from colleagues that are not present. It was identified that ICCT and GPCS would benefit from using telehealth technology in the Virtual Care Project. The project utilizes telehealth to connect with a geriatrician or psychiatrist in the hospital during a home visit. The connection is made using a tablet brought to the patient's home. After the assessment is completed the physician is connected using the tablet via the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) App.

A telehealth appointment no longer consists of physician / patient visit using room based systems. Smart phones and tablets have turned the technology into a mobile health care solution which reduces risks to vulnerable and complex patients while improving their safety and wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:

Agnes Cheng Tsallis

Telehealth Coordinator
Baycrest Health Sciences Centre

Agnes has over 13 years of experience managing and disseminating educational and clinical telehealth projects. Her telehealth experience is complemented with over 15 years of video conference and web conferencing experience. She has presented her work at several International telehealth and eHealth conferences and has been acknowledged in clinical telehealth based publications.


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Nela Karagach

Case Coordinator
Baycrest Health Sciences Centre

Nela Karagach, RN BScN CPMHN (C)
Registered Nurse, Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service. Has been working at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, Canada since 1992. Primary clinical focus is case management for seniors living in the community and who are home bound and in need of Geriatric Psychiatry service. Has been involved in telepsychiatry model of care delivery since 2016.


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Aysha Bandali

Advanced Practice Leader-Nurse Practitioner
Baycrest Health Sciences


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EP-117 - Your Geriatric Clinician Is a Click Away - Integrating Mobile Solutions with Homebound Geriatric Patients

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