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EP-109 - How Physical Therapy, Known as a "Hands-on" Approach, Can Transition to a Virtual World

Tuesday, May 1
11:35 AM - 11:50 AM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416, Screen 1

Technology is moving forward at an unprecedented rate. It is changing how we do things in our daily lives, and these changes are naturally migrating into healthcare. The internet has empowered the public to take a role in their own well-being, by simply providing the access to knowledge and specialists at their fingertips. Patients like the convenience, as well as being an integral part to their own healing. Because of this, healthcare must evolve to meet the demands that the public now requires. Telerehabilitation is emerging as one of these new platforms.

Physical Therapy has always been known for its "hands-on" treatment approach, and has taken a third-row seat, behind Primary and Orthopedic physicians in treatment of MSDs. With the changing healthcare landscape, we will see a change in how, where and when patients are treated. We will also see a change in the gatekeeper role for MSDs.

In order to keep up with these demands, clinicians have to change the very foundation of how we have traditionally operated. Currently, we require tedious paperwork and "hands-on" evaluations and treatments. We will discuss how our functional assessment tools, evaluations and home instruction can be more efficient and convenient, without losing integrity. New ways to modify how we can perform certain testing/treatments virtually, have been investigated and will be discussed. Not every patient is suited for telerehabilitation, we will provide guidance on how to determine who is suited. Lastly, we will outline limitations to telerehabilitation and how to prepare and minimize these challenges.

We can now bridge technology and the virtual assessment to reach more individuals with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and consequently: reduce costs, improve convenience, eliminate waiting time to see MSD specialist, improve accessibility in rural areas, maintain high satisfaction rates, and improve outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Aideen Turner

Virtual Physical Therapists

Aideen Turner, MPT, CERT. MDT, is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Virtual Physical Therapists and Back in Motion PT (2004-2017). Prior to this, Ms. Turner was the National Director of Clinical Operations for ArgosyHealth. In this role, Ms. Turner was instrumental in developing and training clinicians in the innovative Onsite Industrial Rehabilitation.

Ms. Turner also taught orthopedics to physical therapy students and has given numerous seminars ranging from: Ergonomics, Industrials Rehabilitation, Early Intervention, Psychology of Injury, Psychosocial Factors and Chronic Injury, Biomechanics of the Lower Extremity, Maintaining a healthy Back. Ms. Turner can be contacted at:


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EP-109 - How Physical Therapy, Known as a "Hands-on" Approach, Can Transition to a Virtual World

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