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EP-143 - A Novel Blood Pressure Monitoring System at Home

Tuesday, May 1
9:55 AM - 10:10 AM
Location: Education Zone, Booth 2416, Screen 4

Recent research indicated that day-by-day variability of blood pressure (BPV) measured at home could be a potential indicator for the prediction of organ morbidity and mortality. However, most home-used blood pressure (BP) devices lack an intelligent risk alarm for medical conditions such as stroke. This is because patients' daily BP data and stroke events are rarely recorded for further studies. The aim of this study is to develop a trial BP recording and a BPV analysis cloud platform for stroke prediction. Our methods are as follows. First, a general Bluetooth BP device was adopted, which transmitted patients' BPs measured at home onto a cloud database in real time. Second, a BPV analysis server was developed by R, a statistical tool. The server automatically calculated patients' BPV indexes, such as standard deviations (SDs), coefficient of variations (CV), variation independent of means (VIM), from database. Third, a BPV-based mathematical modeling using survival analysis and Cox regression was developed to analyze risks for stroke. In this study, we analyzed BPV from 400 simulated patients to assess the performance of this system. With the recording of at least 2 week day-by-day BP at home, the system can serve as an intelligent risk alarm for stroke based on the BPV model analysis. In conclusion, this study demonstrated a smart BP monitoring system at home which effectively alerts the risk for stroke. This novel blood pressure monitoring system can inform patients of their health status, prevent stroke, reduce medical costs, and be conveniently used at home, which will be on great demand in the near future.

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Jui-chien Hsieh

Associate Professor
Yuan Ze University

Dr. Jui-chien Hsieh is the director of Lab of medical informatics and telemedicine at the Dept. of Information Management of Yuan Ze University in Taiwan. Dr. Hsieh's research is focused on 12-lead ECG telemedicine, ECG AI algorithms , Intellegence-based mobile applications, such as apnea detection using SPO2, blood pressure variability analysis for stroke prediction , and pervasive computing.


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Yi-Hsing Chiu

Assistant Professor
Dept of Applied Psychology, Hsuan Chuang University

Dr. Yi-hsing Chiu is a scientist , and her research interest is focused on medical informatics, and mobile applications on psychology.


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EP-143 - A Novel Blood Pressure Monitoring System at Home

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