Don Dunoon

New Futures Pty Ltd
Lewisham, New South Wales, Australia

As an independent leadership and organizational development specialist, Don has over 20 years consulting experience. His work centres on helping clients in diverse settings develop capabilities in dealing with challenges – including quality-related challenges – in ways that are more mindful, that tap potentially available intelligence (including hidden intelligence), that get to the fundamentals, and that draw forth energy and action for change. Based in Sydney, Australia, he has worked with clients and colleagues internationally. Don has presented at several leadership and OD-related conferences including the 2008, 2010, and 2011 conferences of the International Leadership Association (ILA). His writings and materials, including an article with acclaimed Harvard mindfulness researcher, Dr. Ellen Langer, have been used in leadership-related courses at several leading US universities. His OBREAU Tripod framework (with “OBREAU” standing for the first 2 letters each of Observation, Reasonableness, and Authenticity) is gaining increasing attention internationally as a structure for supporting dialogue and challenging conversations. A workshop on the Tripod was awarded "Outstanding Educator Workshop" at the 2016 conference of the Association of Leadership Educators in Sacramento, California.


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