Sam Yankelevitch

CEO Xpress Lingo Solutions
Greer, South Carolina

Sam Yankelevitch is an author, trainer, and speaker who focuses on the problems organizations experience in the increasingly complex supply chains of the 21st century. For more than 30 years, Sam has managed operations in international environments where successful on-time, within-budget execution depended on effective communication. He currently runs workshops and seminars specializing in team alignment and communication in support of focused efforts toward attaining strategic targets. By combining quality tools and lean thinking Sam specializes in ways to objectively clarify the issues at the source, so that true countermeasures can be implemented and sustainable solutions can be achieved.

He has designed several training programs such as International Team alignment, Adopting Quality and Lean Thinking to Improve Communication and Bridging Cultures to Drive Performance. He has presented at international conferences, symposiums, and professional groups. Sam is the co-author of Lean Potion #9: Communication: The Next Lean Frontier and Lean Communication: Applications for Continuous Process Improvement, in which he combines his lean journey and global and operational experience toward solutions for reducing the waste rooted in misunderstandings—a topic further developed in his book Global Lean: Seeing the Waste Rooted in Communication, Distance and Culture. Sam is a member of the advisory board for the Operational Excellence Society and the Supply Chain Council of Appalachian State University. He has a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering and an executive master’s degree in financial management. He is fluent in Spanish and English, and is well versed in German, French, and Italian.


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