Ricardo Fierro

ASQ Member since 1994 / ASQ Senior Member since 2004

Purchasing Manager
Jose Marmol, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1 - Exerience
1a - 23 years of experience in Supply Chain Management positions in the oil & gas industry and utilities
1b - Current Position: Purchasing Manager - AESA (subsidiary of YPF) - Buenos Aires, Argentina
1c - Last 17 years of work experience in management positions
1d - Other companies I have worked for: Madalena Energy Argentina, Gran Tierra Energy Argentina SRL, Pampa Energia SA, Petrobras, Perez Companc

2 - Education:
2a - MSE Engineering – University of Michigan – 1992 - USA
2b - BE Engineering – University of Buenos Aires – 1991 – Argentina
2c - Business Diplomas from UCA (1993) and IAE (2002)- Argentina
2d - Courses on Supply Chain Management, Negotioation, Business Process Management, Services Marketing, Risk Management, Logistics, Supply
Chain Management, and Project Evaluation

3 - ASQ
3a - Senior Member Since 2004
3b - Member since 1994

4 -Publications and Presentations (selection)
4a -" Improving Services Using 3 Definitions of Quality" - paper presented at the “70th Annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement”
(American Society for Quality), USA, 2016
4b - "Buying Into Quality – Using Quality Tools to Study and Improve Purchasing Processes" - article published in “Quality Progress” magazine,
American Society for Quality, USA, 2016
4c - "Measuring Value in Purchasing"; presented at "Encuentro Compras IDEA 2007", Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007
4d - "A Case of Supplier Integration as a Strategy for Company Growth"; presented at the 6th Annual Best Practices Workshop; Center of Advanced
Purchasing Studies; Phoenix, AZ, 2005
4e - "Management of Service Suppliers"; chapter of the “Supplier Management Handbook, 6th edition”; American Society for Quality, USA, 2004
4f - "Supplier Evaluation" – Making it Work"; presented at the “51st Annual Quality Congress”; American Society for Quality; USA, 1997


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