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Concurrent Session

M07 - How to Infuse Quality Into Cyber-Security

Monday, April 30
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Location: WSCC 618-620

Level: Basic

Division: Innovation Division

You've heard it on the news: hacking, WannCry, Petya, and many more. Cybersecurity has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, but what is it, really? Why does it matter? Why should I care? This session will give you answers to those questions and information about much more. We will start with a number of basic definitions, and look at some cybersecurity-related events. We will then stalk about the real risks associated with cybersecurity deficiencies. Once we have covered the "what" and the "why," we will cover the "how" by looking at the anatomy of a cyber attack. We will follow the path an adversary can use to work their way into your organization's network and get what they want. We will also look at how your organization can improve its cyber-defense posture by ensuring that your personnel are best able to keep your network safe.

Learning Objectives:

Ian Meggarrey


Program Manager
Metova CyberCENTS
Arnold, MO

Innovator? Facilitator? Troublemaker?? It all depends upon your perspective which of these words best describes Ian.
During 21 years in the Air Force, Ian’s innovative nature got him in trouble almost as often as it earned awards. Never content to “shut up and color,” he made a career of taking on the challenges and risks to make improvements where he could. Although he long ago traded his uniform for a suit, Ian has hardly changed his ways – perhaps a bit more diplomatic.
He has helped develop innovative solutions for almost 30 years as creator, connector, developer, and/or doer. Ian’s contributions to innovations have ranged from removal of redundant paperwork, to global management systems, to cyber simulators. He is a senior member of ASQ, Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, certified Project Management Professional, and has degrees in computer information and quality management systems. He is a founding member and Past Chair of the Innovation Division in ASQ.


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Jane Keathley


Principal Consultant
Keathley and Company, LLC
Earlysville, Virginia

Jane Keathley, MS, PMP, believes that adaptive planning concepts are key to successful innovation. Ms. Keathley is a Senior Member of ASQ, Treasurer of the ASQ Innovation Division, and co-author of 'The Executive Guide to Innovation, Turning Good Ideas in Great Results.' Her professional experience includes medical device software start-ups, clinical research, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and diagnostic microbiology.


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M07 - How to Infuse Quality Into Cyber-Security


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