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T36 - Delivering A Strategic, Cultural, and Tactical Deployment

Tuesday, May 1
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: WSCC 4C 1-2

Level: Intermediate

Organizations can no longer afford to only focus on the tactical side of deployments, i.e., developing learning modules and training for practitioners. Realizing the full potential of a deployment requires a focus on strategic and cultural approaches to unite all employees. As a team, the organization will move toward improving productivity, implementing cost saving and cost avoidance practices, and embracing effective capital management discipline.
How do we evolve from conventional, tactics-focused deployment? What kind of culture and mindset do we need to embed within the organization to see a paradigm shift? Why do we need to leverage cross-functional and cross-divisional synergies? How do we get senior leaders to not only support, but also champion the deployment initiatives? This session shall discuss these critical success factors of Sime Darby's five-year Lean Six Sigma business management strategy in delivering the target of RM 775 million in cumulative benefits by FY2017.

Learning Objectives:

Azman Shah Mohamed Noor

ASQ Edwards Medalist

Head of Operational Excellence
Sime Darby Plantation
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

The 2015 American Society for Quality (ASQ) Edwards medallist has been actively carrying out Operational/Business Excellence strategy for more than 18 years. Azman Shah Mohamed Noor is the first recipient from the Asian region to be awarded the prestigious medal since 1963, after Kenichi Koyangi from Japan, placing his achievements to the likes of world’s renowned quality leaders including Armand Feigenbaum and Joseph M. Juran. It is presented to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the application of modern quality control methods, especially through the organization and administrations of such work.

A passionate continuous improvement champion & practitioner, Azman Shah has managed, trained, coached, and contributed to the knowledge and growth of hundreds of individuals. With the background of aviation engineering, he is an ASQ CSSBB and is a Certified Master Black Belt from Lean Applied, an ASQ affiliate service provider.

Throughout his professional career, he has driven the Quality, LSS and Innovation deployment in numerous corporations such as GE, Lufthansa Technik, Petronas Berhad, Maybank, Malaysia Airport Berhad and Sime Darby . He has supervised projects that have won 1st Place at PNB’s Innovation and Quality Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In addition, after three years of qualifying as a finalist, the Sime Darby team has also won the Silver Level award at the 2017 ASQ ITEA.

To date, 6 Deployment initiatives, 175 Champions, 5 Master Black Belts, 98 Black Belts and 350 Green Belts from various industries have been trained and coached by him. Currently, Azman has led Sime Darby’s Lean Six Sigma Business Management Strategy Deployment to deliver assured cumulative benefits of more than RM 775 million in FY2016/17.


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Zera Zulkifli

Operational Excellence
Sime Darby Plantation
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Zera Zulkifli is an experienced Continuous Improvement and Sustainability practitioner. Her professional career has been spent thus far working with an industrial conglomerate, Sime Darby, comprised of palm oil plantations, township developments, auto-dealerships, heavy equipment distribution, and industrial logistics.

During her three years with Sime Darby, she has been a key team member in the ongoing development and execution of Sime Darby’s Operational Excellence deployment strategies designed to deliver the cumulative benefits target of RM 775 million by FY2017. Additionally, she leads the War on Waste (WOW) program, an innovative program that aims to drive cultural change within Sime Darby by accelerating waste elimination efforts through Kaizen methodology.


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Dilip A. Shah

ASQ Fellow

E = mc3 Solutions
Medina, Ohio

Dilip A. Shah is an ASQ Fellow with more than 40 years of industry experience in metrology, electronics, instrumentation, measurement, and computer applications of statistics in the quality assurance areas. He is currently a principal of E = mc3 Solutions, an organization that provides training and consulting solutions in ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 9001 IATF16949, measurement uncertainty and computer applications. Shah is the co-author of The Metrology Handbook. He participated in the development of ASQ’s Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) exam. He is the recipient of NCSLI’s 2011 Education and Training Award, MSC's 2010 Andrew J. Woodington Award, ASQ Measurement Quality Division’s 2005 Max J. Unis Award, and co-recipient of MSC’s 2003 Algie Lance Award for the Best Paper (gage R&R vs. ANOVA). Shah has served on the A2LA board of directors. He is a frequent contributor to the ASQ Quality Progress Measure for Measure column and ASQ Ask The Experts column. He is the past chair of the Measurement Quality Division.


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T36 - Delivering A Strategic, Cultural, and Tactical Deployment


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