CS-22-0 - Overview of Area by Chair, Cora MacAlister

Tuesday, July 17
8:30 AM - 8:33 AM

Cora A. MacAlister, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Cora MacAlister is an Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. The MacAlister lab studies sexual reproduction in flowering plants with particular emphasis on the role of glycoproteins (proteins modified by the addition of sugars). Plants produce a large and diverse group of secreted and cell wall-associated glycoproteins, the glycosylation of which can have profound impacts on protein structure and activity. Glycoproteins play important roles in both male and female reproductive tissues. The pollen tube is dependent on its specialized cell wall to quickly penetrate the pistil and redirect its growth to ultimately reach a receptive ovule. Meanwhile, the transmitting tissue of the pistil secretes a rich extracellular matrix that nutritionally and physically supports and guides pollen tube growth. The intimate interaction between pollen tube and pistil relies on these extracellular regions and their glycoproteins to ensure fertilization.


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CS-22-0 - Overview of Area by Chair, Cora MacAlister

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