CS-2-6 - Detective: Riding the DNA Subway Red Line From Genotype to Phenotype.

Sunday, July 15
2:43 PM - 2:45 PM

DNA Detective is a workshop designed to introduce 6-12 grade students to computational biology and bioinformatics using Cyverse’s DNA Subway platform. DNA Subway is a user-friendly workspace for genome analysis and uses the metaphor of a network of subway lines to familiarize users with the bioinformatics steps involved in annotating and comparing DNA sequences. For DNA Detective, the DNA Subway Red Line was used to guide students through analyzing a “mystery” DNA sequence, distinguishing its gene structure / function, and identifying the phenotype of its mutant. Students were divided into groups, and each group was assigned a unique Arabidopsis thaliana DNA sequence. Students then “traveled” the Red Line to find and remove sequence repeats, use gene prediction software to structurally annotate their sequence, and search databases of known genes to assign functional annotations to their gene model. Once completed, mutant plants for each Arabidopsis gene were placed in the front of the room, and students were asked to select the mutant defective for their gene. DNA Detective has been presented at two Tech Savvy events, daylong conferences aimed at attracting middle school girls to STEM fields. Through these workshops, students were acquainted to the flow of genetic information from genotype to phenotype and tackled complex genomic analyses in hopes of inspiring and empowering them towards continued STEM education.



Sarah Wyatt – Ohio University

Anne Sternberger

Anne Sternberger
Ohio University

Anne Sternberger is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the department of Environmental and Plant Biology at Ohio University. She is co-advised in the labs of Drs. Sarah Wyatt and Harvey Ballard, where she studies both molecular and environmental plant biology. Anne’s research involves an interdisciplinary investigation into the genetic basis of chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowering in Viola pubescens using large scale ‘omics, bioinformatics, and ecophysiological analyses. Outside of the lab and field, Anne is the president of Ohio University’s student chapter of the American Association of University Women, which advocates equality for women in the STEM fields and hosts hands-on educational workshops for the university and local community.


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CS-2-6 - Detective: Riding the DNA Subway Red Line From Genotype to Phenotype.

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