Thomas Boving, PhD

Professor - Environmental Hydrogeology
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Boving is a Professor of Environmental Hydrogeology at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Kingston, USA. He is appointed to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Geosciences. He received his PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources Management from the University of Arizona, Tucson USA. His Diploma in Geology is from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He worked as an environmental consultant in Germany before joining URI. Dr. Boving has received several awards and published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. He co-authored a book on the fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface, titled “Contaminant Hydrogeology” (3rd Ed). His areas of research include innovative water treatment technologies, riverbank filtration, and stormwater quality. Dr. Boving is the director of Water:E2S2, which is a consortium of experts addressing global water issues from the engineering, economic, science and social perspective. Dr. Boving conducted research in Africa, Asia, and Europe and currently works with The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) in India on several water treatment projects.


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