Kumaraswamy Sivakumaran, JD, CA

Neer & Veethi Consultants LLC

Kumaraswamy Sivakumaran, PhD, JD, MASCE; President, Neer & Veethi Consultants LLC, West Sacramento, CA:
As a researcher, teacher and as an engineer I have been working in the field of Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Water Resources engineering for more than twenty years. I have designed, constructed, and restored water resources systems for the benefit of both people and environment – water treatment systems and irrigation systems; carried out water quality and water quantity data collection to create wetlands; conducted a novel laboratory study (floating solid method) to determine the reaeration rate coefficient an important factor in maintaining a healthy eco system; designed and carried out physical and mathematical modeling studies to assess sedimentation in hydropower reservoirs; and developed and introduced for the first time a new course in West Virginia University, Advanced Topics in Erosion and Sediment Transport. During a short period, I practiced law and gained an understanding of the interaction of the legal system with water resources. Recently, I was investigating methods to provide water for maintaining a suitable habitat for Chinook salmon in the regulated San Joaquin River. Recently, taught Water and Waste Water Treatment and Climate and Hydrology at University of California - Merced. With the impending climate change, I like to move into Integrated Environmental Resources taking into account the various sectors: energy, quality, scarcity, and ecology. Finally, as a multilingual water resources engineer with education and work experience spanning several countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Malawi, Nigeria, Panama, Sri Lanka, and the USA) I can easily adapt to the diverse cultural settings and will go out of my way to support them in completing a project.


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