Jonas Dobias, MSc.

Water Expert Adviser
Ministry of Energy and Mines of Guatemala

Since 2009 I have been working in the Guatemalan electric energy sector as a water and energy adviser/consultor. Between 2009 and 2015 as hydrologist consultant for the Guatemalana Nacional Electric Energy Commission (CNEE in Spanish) wher I design statistcal models to forecast river flow and moitoring the hydropower production as well as supervising the implementation of the Dam Safety Standards for the national Hydropowers. In 2016 trainning the professional of the Ministry of Energy and Mines in topics, related to watershed management in hydorpower facilities, the Guatemalana Water sector and environmental aspects in hydropower developmnet. I have also work as independent consultant for the Guatemalana Renewal Energy Genertor Asossiation (AGER in Spanish) and for the privata sector doing hydrological analysis in some river basin in the country. I hold also seven years of experience as engineer in supervision, construction and management of infrastructure projects in Guatemala.

My academic background includes a Bachelor Sciences in Civil Engineering in the San Carlos University from Guatemala and a Master of Sciencies degree in Lund University from Sweden. Other posgraduate courses in GIS and Hydrological Modeling from the International Water Institute in Delf, The Netherlands and; Drinking Water Infraestructure in the Korean Water Academy, South Korea. international training in Hydropower Development and Use with Vatenfall Power Consultant from Sweden and a traineeship at the European Commission, Water and Energy Facility Unit, in Brussels, Belgium.


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