Fayzul Pasha, PhD

Associate Professor
California State University Fresno

As a Professional Engineer and Associate Professor in Water Resources Engineering, Dr. Pasha’s work focuses on energy–water nexus. Hydropower resource assessment, water conservation, energy efficiency and conservation, efficient use of water in energy generation and distribution, and above all the development of water resources are his research interests. Dr. Pasha is experienced in quantitative analysis in water resources planning and management. During his sixteen (16) years of research and professional career, he has developed different models and performed quantitative analyses for sustainable decision making in integrated water resources management using statistical methods, numerical techniques, optimization theories, and machine learning approaches. As an Associate Professor Dr. Pasha teaches water resources engineering in Civil Engineering Department at the California State University, Fresno (CSUF). Dr. Pasha has earned his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona and authored more than 50 technical articles. He can be reached at 559-278-2464 or by email at mpasha@csufresno.edu


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