Larry Baker, PhD

Research Professor
University of Minnesota

Dr. Baker is an envirornmental engineer whose research applies a hybrid education in environmental engineering and ecology to the study of applied biogeochemistry, with a focus on human ecosystems – cities and farms. He works in “Pasteur’s quadrant”, moving between theory and application, mostly focused on water quality problems to find solutions that are more effective, more efficient, and fairer. Research thrusts include urban stormwater, agricultural pollution, utilizing nutrients in food waste, policy regarding phosphorus management. In recent years, he have been very active in various synergistic activities, including translational research. He is a member of the University of Minnesota's Water Council and until recently was a member of the EPA-BOSC subcommittee on Safe and Sustainable Waters. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and has edited two books, most recently, The Water Environment of Cities, and often contributes columns and articles geared toward professional and public audiences.


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