Deva K. Borah, PhD, PE, F.ASCE

Senior Engineer
City of Chesapeake Department of Public Works

Deva K. Borah, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE is currently a Senior Engineer for the City of Chesapeake Department of Public Works, Chesapeake, VA. He is a leader in the fields of civil, environmental, and agricultural engineering. His specific contributions have been in hydrologic, hydraulic, and nonpoint-source pollution modeling and monitoring, evaluation of best management practices (BMPs) and developing total maximum daily loads (TMDL) and watershed implementation plans (WIP). He developed formulations and computer codes of five original modeling systems: (1) DWSM, a dynamic watershed simulation model simulating hydrology and nonpoint-source pollution; (2) STREAM2, a stream sediment transport model simulating graded sediment; (3) ROUTES, a hydrodynamic and sediment transport model for tidal estuaries and bays; (4) SALTWEDGE, a saltwater intrusion model for estuaries; and (5) BEACHES, a beach/shoreline evolution model. His recent work and publications on in-depth reviews and comparisons of watershed hydrologic and nonpoint-source pollution models have been valuable resources for engineers, modelers, and managers in understanding the fundamental basics and strengths of the models and selecting the most suitable model for a project. He has lead in numerous roles at ASCE, including serving on technical committees and as President of the Central Illinois Section East Branch.


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