Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Associate Professor
Oregon State University

Dr. Meghna Babbar-Sebens conducts interdisciplinary, computational research in the field of Hydroinformatics to develop innovative and effective solutions for sustainable planning and management of water-based systems. Her research investigates innovations in a wide variety of Hydroinformatics approaches, including computational modeling of complex water-based systems, multi-objective optimization, interactive optimization, noisy optimization, evolutionary computing, multi-agent models, Markov decision processes, neural networks, human-computer interaction, data assimilation, high performance computing, etc. These innovations help solve a variety of problems, such as:
> How can communities collaborate via web-based technologies to plan and design conservation practices or green stormwater practices on their landscape?
> How can high performance computing and optimization algorithms be used to design short term and long term watershed adaptation alternatives, for communities combatting flooding, droughts, and/or water quality impacts due to changing climate and anthropogenic drivers?
> How can observations from different types of sensors (e.g., in-situ instruments, satellites, and unmanned aerial systems (UASs), etc.) be used to improve data assimilation in water quality models?
> What types of data-driven, machine learning models are useful for simulating complex water systems when we don't know the exact mechanistic process in the system?


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