Yangbo Chen

Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. Yangbo Chen is a professor in Hydrology and water resources at Sun Yat-Sen University, and the Director of the Laboratory of Water Disaster Management and Hydroinformatics. Prof. Chen has a broad research areas in both hydrological sciences and remote sensing, he has well established expertise in new generation flood forecasting method that is supported by remote sensing and GIS techniques, precipitation estimation based on weather radar and satellite, digital terrain analysis with remotely sensed data, decision support system for water resources management and flood forecasting and management. He has investigated numerous research projects in hydrology and remote sensing, published more than 80 papers, two books, and 7 conference proceedings. Except scientific studies, Prof. Chen is very active in applying hydrological model and remote sensing technique to solve the real-world problem, particularly for flood forecasting and flood risk management and planning. He developed an innovative distributed hydrological model, the Liuxihe model, which is now widely used in China for watershed flood forecasting, including flash flood in mountainous watersheds and urbanized watersheds.


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