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Minor Branch and Anomaly Effect on Pipe Transient Response

Wednesday, June 6
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Lakeshore C
Co-Authors: B. Brunone1, S. Meniconi1

In the last decades several reliable technologies have been proposed for fault detection in water distribution networks (WDNs) whereas there are some limitations for transmission mains (TMs). For TM inspection, the most common leak detection technologies are of inline types – with sensors inserted into the pipelines – and then more expensive with respect to those used in WDNs. An alternative to in-line sensors is given by transient test-based techniques (TTBTs), where pressure waves are injected in pipes "to explore" them.
It is worthy of noting that at present the characteristics of several pipe systems can be considered as intermediate between those of classical TMs and WDNs because of some users and branches along TM path. As a consequence, TTBTs must take into account such a feature when they are used in "mixed" transmission and distribution systems.
This paper presents a clear evidence – based on transient tests executed on a real system – of the unexpected relevance of some components of a real pipe system that, at a first glance, one could be absolutely authorized to neglect. Specifically, the crucial role played on the transient behavior of the investigated system by some short branches – i.e., pipes with a length smaller than the 1% of the one of the main pipe – is pointed out. In such a context, a preliminary criterion for the system skeletonization is offered. Moreover the importance of both unsteady friction and viscoelasticity is evaluated as well as the importance of the malfunctioning of some installed valves that, presumed as totally closed, actually allow leakage, even if quite small.

Bruno Brunone


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Minor Branch and Anomaly Effect on Pipe Transient Response

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