Stormwater Symposium


397947 - Large Scale application of stormwater management in China

Tuesday, June 5
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Greenway AB
Co-Authors: Nian She, PRC – Guangzhou University; John Lenth, Seattle – Herrera Environmental. Consultants. Inc.; Mark Merkelbach, Seattle – Green Earth Operations Inc.

A detailed GIS land-cover analysis and SWMM model was used to allocate source loads to identify end of pipe discharges by flow regime of a 22 km2 dense urban watershed in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, PRC. This process identified ~$200m in different stormwater control measures (SCMs) designed for each flow regime (submerged discharge, elevated discharge, pumped discharge). First, a 2,000 m2 demonstration facility to treat 1.2 km2 of pumped combined sewer was designed. Extensive pretreatment measures remove coarse sediments and trash to extend the useful life of bioretention media. Almost completed, this cost ~$1.0m. An even more extensive network of SCMs was then designed to treat the 3.9 km2 Yudai River watershed in Jiangsu University. Completely fouled by illicit sanitary connections, every outfall into the river is to be treated either by a) Gravity Swales (GS), a novel vertical flow subsurface flow wetland for submerged flows, or b) the Waterfall Treatment System (WTS). The WTS includes an extensive pretreatment train of screening, grit chamber settling and lamellar clarifier to distribute elevated inflows. All told, 16 GSs and 2 very large WTSs totaling 3,500 m2 are now under construction, at a cost of ~$2.0m. Improving on lessons learned, another state of the art 3,500 m2 WTS has been designed, and is about to be installed in the Mengjiawan headwaters reservoir. In another 1.0 km2 watershed in Wuhan, Hubei, PRC, an even more elaborate system is used for pretreatment, entailing 2 travelling screens, an underground tank, and 2 pump stations. A chlorination system then discharges into a landscaped lake. Suction pumps automatically remove 90% of the sediments and debris before it the ABS Media. This is now under construction. These systems have all been designed to be rigorously monitored. We will present brief highlights of the designs, and if available, initial monitoring results.

William Lucas, Seattle

Principal, Environmental Engineering
Green Earth Operations Inc.


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397947 - Large Scale application of stormwater management in China

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