Stormwater Symposium


395695 - Mitigating Coastal Flood Risk in Low-Lying Urban Communities

Monday, June 4
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Mirage Room
Co-Authors: David Leone, Manhattan, NY – GZA GeoEnvironmental; Todd Monson, Norwood, MA – GZA GeoEnvironmental

Coastal regions are home to some of the highest population densities in the United States. The proximity to the ocean places communities at risk from coastal flooding, as demonstrated by the devastating impacts of recent hurricanes. An active area of analysis in water resources planning and management involves understanding how future flooding will impact these at-risk communities. This project evaluates current and future sources of flooding in a low-lying, urban, coastal community on the East Coast. The area is subject to frequent flooding even during “sunny day” or “blue sky” high tide events. The purpose of the project is to evaluate and develop mitigation measures to protect the community from frequent flooding due to the areas low-lying topography, high groundwater levels, ongoing sea level rise and climate change (e.g., more intense rain storms). The project involves using ICPR 4.0, a hydrologic and hydraulic model, to analyze the current and predicted sources of flooding. ICPR 4.0 integrates 2D overland flow, groundwater flow, and the local stormwater system. The model can simulate the existing and planned stormwater network, including interactions with tides and groundwater levels. Results from this model help to identify locations most susceptible to flooding and evaluate proposed flood mitigation alternatives. Results of this analysis will be compiled into recommendations that can be used by local city managers and planners to assess and select flood protection measures that best suit the community’s needs.

Abigail Ericson, E.I.T.

Engineer I
GZA GeoEnvironmental


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395695 - Mitigating Coastal Flood Risk in Low-Lying Urban Communities

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