Stormwater Symposium


395125 - St. Anthony Regional Stormwater Treatment and Research Facility

Wednesday, June 6
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Greenway AB
Co-Authors: Marcy Bean, Minneapolis – Mississippi Watershed Management Organization; Jennifer Keville, Minneapolis – Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization collaborated to design, construct and monitor an innovative stormwater treatment project. The St. Anthony Regional Stormwater Treatment and Research Facility (“SARTF”), completed in 2016, treats runoff from approximately 600 urban acres that drain to the Mississippi River. The result of a partnership between the MWMO, City of St. Anthony Village, City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County, the facility arose from the vision of a large-scale treatment system that would reduce sediment and phosphorus loading from large volumes of stormwater runoff in a pipeshed with limited space for stormwater BMPs.
Constructed entirely below ground, the SARTF diverts water from the stormsewer system into the primary treatment cell, consisting of a swirl chamber and baffle wall. A portion of this treated water returns to the stormsewer while the rest is pumped into one of two filtration systems: an iron enhanced sand filter and a cartridge based filter system (Contech Stormfilter). These secondary treatment cells are designed to be flexible, allowing future testing of alternative treatment techniques.
The entire SARTF is outfitted with water quality and quantity monitoring equipment. Flow and quality of stormwater entering and exiting each chamber within the system is monitored to assess the effectiveness of the treatment methods. Gross solids removed from the system during maintenance are also measured and analyzed. By early 2018, the treatment system will have been monitored for over a year and at least one round of maintenance activities will have occurred. We will present the process undertaken to develop the cross–jurisdictional partnerships and execute the design and construction of a large-scale stormwater treatment system. Assessments of the effectiveness of the treatments, as determined from monitoring, will be shared in addition to lessons learned thus far with regard to monitoring and maintaining a large stormwater treatment facility.

Stephanie Johnson, PhD, PE

Projects and Outreach Director
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Stephanie Johnson, PhD, PE is the Projects and Outreach Director at the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) in Minneapolis, MN, where she provides leadership for capital project planning, including O&M. Stephanie is a licensed professional engineer with expertise in watershed modeling, watershed planning and technical communications. Stephanie has built a career working in the private sector, government agencies and academia to analyze, protect and improve the water quality of our surface water systems.


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Udai Singh, PhD, PE

Water Resources Director
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization


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395125 - St. Anthony Regional Stormwater Treatment and Research Facility

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