Stormwater Symposium


395077 - Evolution and Application of Urban Watershed Management Planning

Wednesday, June 6
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Greenway AB
Co-Authors: Melissa Mika, Blacksburg, VA – Virginia Tech; Randel Dymond, Blacksburg, VA – Virginia Tech

Watershed-based management has long been used as the preferred approach for protection of water resources at a hydrologic, ecological, and social level. The development of Watershed Management Plans (WMPs) in urban areas, in particular, aids municipalities in allocation of resources, engagement of the public and stakeholders, addressing water quality regulations, and mitigation of issues related to stormwater runoff quality and quantity. The processes and tools used in Watershed Management Planning are ever-evolving based on improved technologies, changing regulations, and social trends. Current practices employed in watershed management include an increased focus on the development of decision support systems (DSS); the use of hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality models; data development and mapping in GIS; and an emphasis on public outreach and education. Integration of these tools has driven an evolution in typical procedures used for the creation of WMPs. In this study, over 60 urban WMPs across the nation were reviewed to characterize historical approaches as well as identify emerging trends in watershed-based planning. Among other metrics, the planning methods, tools of analysis, and recommended strategies were evaluated to determine changes in the planning process. This state of the practice review of planning efforts, innovation in implementation, and the adoption of emergent technologies will aid future planners in employing current tools and strategies in the development of new WMPs.

Marcus F. Aguilar

Research Scientist
Virginia Tech

Marcus recently finished his Ph.D. in Virginia Tech's Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and is now a Research Scientist in Dr. Randy Dymond’s research group. His main research focus is on understanding and improving the long-term interaction between humans, our built infrastructure, and the natural ecosystem in urban watersheds, using innovative engineering, economic, and policy mechanisms. He specializes in urban watershed planning, hydrologic uncertainty, stormwater policy, and geographic information systems. Marcus received his MS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2013, and a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama in 2009. He also has consulting experience with AECOM’s Community Infrastructure group in the Houston, Texas office.


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395077 - Evolution and Application of Urban Watershed Management Planning

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