395053 - Advancing Safe and Sustainable Water Reuse in Minnesota

Tuesday, June 5
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Northstar B

The State of Minnesota needs a comprehensive approach to water reuse, because interest in it is growing and examples are cropping up all over the state. During the 2015 legislative session, the Legislature directed the Department of Health to “prepare a comprehensive study of and recommendations for regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to water reuse for use in the development of state policy for water reuse in Minnesota.” Water reuse can reduce the demand on lakes, rivers, and groundwater resources and improve water management. However, there are also potential risks to public health and the environment with reusing water. A variety of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches for reuse applications exist across the country. Minnesota needs a comprehensive, statewide approach to guide municipalities, industries, and other parties interested in implementing water reuse.
An interagency team evaluated different policy, management, and design approaches for water reuse within a Minnesota context. As part of the project the workgroup completed the following:
• Defined the scope of reuse and identified challenges and opportunities
• Analyzed existing regulatory and nonregulatory frameworks
• Evaluated existing and planned reuse projects
• Gathered input from stakeholders
• Collaborated with University of Minnesota to research water quality in two reuse systems.
• Completed an assessment of state models for water reuse management
• Incorporated results from national reports on public health guidance for water reuse systems
• Developed recommendations for water reuse practices and policies in Minnesota
• Released a final report in 2017

Minnesota water agencies and utilities are also coordinating with national water reuse efforts. It is hoped that these national efforts can bring more consistency to state water reuse frameworks, making it easier for water reuse technologies to be marketable in multiple states, and for service providers to be able to serve multiple states.

Anita Anderson, PE, MS Environmental Engineering

Principal Engineer
MN Dept. of Health

Anita Anderson, PE, Principal Engineer with the Minnesota Department of Health. Anita Anderson has over 20 years of experience as a water supply engineer. Her primary area of expertise is surface water treatment, specializing in small systems. Currently she is also working on special projects to implement water reuse in Minnesota in a safe and sustainable way and to predict the vulnerability of groundwater drinking water sources to microbial pathogens.


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395053 - Advancing Safe and Sustainable Water Reuse in Minnesota

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