394804 - Characteristics of Solute Transport Processes in Dead-End Pores

Thursday, June 7
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Lakeshore B
Co-Authors: Sina Sadeghi, Northridge, CA – CSUN; André Ketchedjian, Northridge, CA – CSUN

Water flows in the subsurface through interconnected voids within porous media. However, the presence of dead-end pores makes water flow quite difficult. The exchange processes between the waters in the tortuous movement path of porous media and those in areas where dead-end pores are present become influenced as well. This may affect the fate and transport of solute traveling through void space and dead-end pores, and may worsen the quality of groundwater.

Understanding the characteristics of solute transport processes in dead-end pores is required to properly plan subsurface cleanup and to adequately manage groundwater quality. A method that determines these influences is developed. It is represented as a random walk problem where the constituent or contaminant is simulated by starting a “particle” cloud that moves with the flow of movement path. This cloud is then superimposed by a random movement in the transverse direction of the finite volume (dead-end pore), representing the diffusion. The method is validated by comparing the results determined by simulations with solutions to the advection-diffusion equation. It is concluded that the transverse distribution of solute material is influenced by the presence of dead-end pores.

Sami Maalouf, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor

My research interests are centered on environmental fluid mechanics (water quality models, turbulence, transport phenomena, stratified flow, surface and groundwater flow and contamination) and sustainable development (heat disposal, alternative energy systems, hydro-electric power and energy conservation).

Current research focuses on modeling of the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater and around coastal zones.
Ongoing work deals with:
1. Dead-end pores in groundwater and
2. Brine effluent from SWRO desalination plants and its effects on the coastal environment.


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394804 - Characteristics of Solute Transport Processes in Dead-End Pores

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