394442 - Off-Road Benefits of Permeable Pavements

Tuesday, June 5
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Skyway Room

Life-cycle costing can be used to benchmark pavement type options such as permeable and conventional pavements to determine which is the most cost effective. Traditionally when performing a life-cycle cost analysis between permeable and conventional pavements, only the standard capital costs for initial construction and maintenance and rehabilitation costs for each pavement types are considered. However, to truly evaluate compare permeable and convention, the analysis should take into account the benefits associated with permeable pavements such as a reducing stormwater runoff volume (and facilities), reducing stormwater runoff peak flows, reducing surface ponding, reducing stormwater pollutant load, decreased downstream erosion and increase groundwater recharge, etc. This paper describes the development of a comprehensive tool to determine both the pavement and off pavement benefits of permeable pavements.

David Hein

Applied Research Associates, Incl.

Mr. Hein is extensively involved with roadway asset management activities at Federal, provincial/state, and local levels. He is a co-author of the Transportation Association of Canada Pavement Design and Asset Management Guide and has developed Transportation Asset Management Programs for numerous public and private sector clients. He is a member of the ASCE T&DI Board of Governors, Codes and Standards committee and chairs two technical committees. Mr. Hein is the past chair of the World Road Association pavements committee and currently serves as the Canadian member on the WRA Asset Management Committee.


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394442 - Off-Road Benefits of Permeable Pavements

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