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394192 - Full set of tests for building reliability in 1D and 2D finite volume based flood models

Tuesday, June 5
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Regency Room

Flood magnitude and frequencies will very likely increase resulting in a potential increase in disastrous effects of flooding such as loss of life and property damages. Consequently, the use of flood modeling in floodplain management actions will increase significantly. However, flood models have uncertainty induced by input data, numerical solutions, and modeling assumptions. Therefore, flood modelers are recommended to verify their models in advance to quantify the uncertainty and its impacts. However, model verification is not common because of lack of literature and inability of flood modelers to access source codes. Therefore, the objective of this study is to demonstrate full set of tests used in a verification procedure to build reliability in 1D and 2D flood models. Modified versions of pre-existing MATLAB source codes for 1D and 2D finite volume method will be used – as an example – in the model verification. Four test cases will be used to demonstrate the different model verification approaches. Model verification itself is composed of “code” and “solution” verification. For the code verification, we will investigate the method of exact solution, the method of manufactured solution and the cross-code verification. While for the solution verification, we will employ the Richardson Extrapolation technique and the grid convergence index using successively refined meshes. The broader impact of the proposed study is to provide flood modelers a framework with the full set of tests.

Tigstu Tsige Dullo, M.Sc

Graduate Research Assistant
Tennessee Tech University

Name: Tigstu Tsige Dullo
Credentials: Graduate student
Affiliation: Tennessee Technological University
Presentation Title: The Vulnerability of Critical Energy Infrastructures to Climate Change Induced Flooding: A Case Study for the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basin

Tigstu Tsige Dullo is a graduate student at Tennessee Technological University. He received a Master of Science in Water resource Engineering and Management from Stuttgart University, Germany. His research interests include assessing variability in rainfall distribution, flood regimes and climate change impact study.


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Alfred Jayakar Kalyanapu, PhD

Associate Professor
Tennessee Tech University

Alfred Kalyanapu is an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Tennessee Technological University. His research areas include water resources engineering, flood risk management applications, computational hydraulics and hydrology and GIS applciations to Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is currently serving as the President-Elect of the ASCE Computational Hydraulics Technical Committee.


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Kaveh Zamani

Research Associate
Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney


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394192 - Full set of tests for building reliability in 1D and 2D finite volume based flood models

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