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393745 - Conduct Tracer Study in a Cost-effective and Green Way

Tuesday, June 5
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Greenway EF
Co-Authors: Xiaofan Xu, Tampa, FL – University of South Florida; Andres Tejada-Martinez, Tampa, FL – University of South Florida; Qiong Zhang, Tampa, FL – University of South Florida

Tracer study is commonly used to evaluate hydraulics of environmental and chemical engineering systems. The traditional way to conduct tracer study is through physical experiments which is usually complex, costly and time-intensive. Due to rapid advancement of computing technology and numerical methods, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has demonstrated its applicability in simulating tracer transport. As an alternative of tracer study method, it can provide many advantages including no interrupt on the existing water treatment process, no impacts of background concentration, and relative low cost. However, no reports have quantitively studied the cost that CFD can save on tracer study. This study firstly proved the accuracy of the results from CFD tracer study on an existing industry-scale ozone disinfection tank in the Bachman Water Treatment Plant, Dallas, Taxes, and then compared the economic expenses and environmental impacts of CFD tracer study and physical tracer study. The results show that CFD tracer study can reduce economic expense and environmental impacts by more than 90%.

Jie Zhang, PhD

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Specialist
Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Jie (Jay) Zhang is a computational scientist with expertise in modeling environmental flows in engineered and natural systems. He earned PhD degree in Civil Engineering (interdisciplinary concentration) at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Florida, in 2014. He is a pioneer in investigating water and wastewater treatment problems from the perspective of fluid mechanics; He created a framework by integrating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and chemical reaction kinetics models and successfully applied it to water treatment industries (Evaluating technical performance and economic/environmental sustainability of water treatment facilities). He is also a leader in promoting CFD in the community of civil and environmental engineers; He established an ASCE EWRI task committee on computational fluid dynamics. He proposed and moderated technical sessions on CFD applications in water, wastewater and stormwater engineering at international conferences.


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393745 - Conduct Tracer Study in a Cost-effective and Green Way

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