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384815 - Hydraulic Transient Investigation of Power Plant Condensate Systems

Thursday, June 7
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Greenway CD
Co-Authors: Yifan Zheng, Reston, VA – Bechtel Corporation; Cagri Turan, Reston, Va – Bechtel Corporation

In thermal power plants the function of a condensate system is to remove and recycle condensed steam from the steam turbine and to deliver condensate to the feedwater system or to other equipment depending on the configuration of the power plant. Hydraulic transients are created when sudden changes in flow rates occur due to operations of pumps and valves in the pumping systems. The pressures generated due to these transient events may be high enough to damage or even cause catastrophic failure of pipelines. Therefore, it is very important to perform the hydraulic transient analysis to identify problem areas and provide mitigation measures to avoid potential piping over-pressure or damage to pipes. The current study simulates numerically the transient pressures and dynamic loads associated with condensate pump operations (startup, trip, switch-over) and valve operations (opening, closing) under normal (pump startup, shutdown) and accidental operating conditions (power failure, accidental valve closure etc.) of a condensate system. Different operating conditions are analyzed and transient mitigations are evaluated and recommended to avoid extreme transient pressures and associated high dynamic loads to the piping segments. Furthermore, in order to minimize check valve slamming during a pump trip or switch-over, different kinds of check valves (swing, tilted disc, dual plate and center guided) with different dynamic characteristics are evaluated and the resulting dynamic loads are estimated. The magnitude and duration of the dynamic loadings for different kinds of check valves are compared and a recommendation for the correct selection of check valves is proposed.

Periandros Samothrakis, PhD, P.E.

Engineering Specialist
Bechtel Corporation

Periandros (Perry) Samothrakis, Ph.D., P.E. is an Engineering Specialist in Hydraulics and Hydrology for Bechtel Corporation based in the Reston, VA office, supporting a variety of nuclear, fossil, renewable and industrial projects. His experiences include pipeline hydraulic transient analysis, numerical simulation of cooling reservoir performance, hydrodynamic modeling, water intake and discharge structures hydraulic design, stormwater management, coastal and river bank erosion protection, wave and wave induced forces on structures and site permitting support for nuclear power plants.


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384815 - Hydraulic Transient Investigation of Power Plant Condensate Systems

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