Stormwater Symposium


372595 - Long term monitoring of macronutrients in infiltrate from three types of permeable pavement

Tuesday, June 5
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Greenway AB
Co-Authors: Michael Borst, Edison, NJ – US EPA

There is limited information regarding long term effects of permeable pavement parking lots on stormwater quality. US EPA constructed a 110-space, 0.40-ha parking lot surfaced with three types of permeable pavement (permeable interlocking concrete pavement, porous asphalt and pervious concrete) in 2010 at US EPA facility in Edison, New Jersey. Water quality samples have been collected of the infiltrate from each surface, the parking-lot runoff, and the rainfall from the opening through October 2015. Samples were analyzed for pH, ORP, EC, NO2, NO3, NH3, TN, TOC, PO4. The infiltrate concentrations from permeable interlocking permeable pavement and pervious concrete were similar while porous asphalt behaved differently. Pavement type and sampling location within the surface affected measured concentrations. NO3, TN and TOC showed positive correlation with both mean daily temperature and antecedent dry weather period. The measured concentration of nitrogen species showed nitrification processes. The concentration of these stressors in the infiltrate generally increased during the monitoring period, however, NH3 did not show a trend for these surfaces and infiltrates concentrations of TN and TOC did not show a trend in permeable interlocking concrete pavers. Depending on the type of the nutrients and community stormwater targets, a more suitable permeable surface can be selected. It is recommended continuing this study to have better understanding of nitrogen and phosphorus fate and transport within permeable pavement systems.

Mostafa Razzaghmanesh, PhD


I have been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since September 2015. During my tenure, I have involved in several interdisciplinary research projects relating to urban hydrology, stormwater management and monitoring green infrastructure performance using various types of sensors as well as an urban heat island study. Currently, I am looking at long-term (5-year) effects of three types of permeable pavements (Green Big Parking Lot) on stormwater quality. I am also studying about the effects of introducing green infrastructures on fate and transport of pollutants in vadose zone and interaction with groundwater. Besides, I am looking to enhance my knowledge about the internal hydrologic mechanisms controlling the performance of green infrastructure.


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372595 - Long term monitoring of macronutrients in infiltrate from three types of permeable pavement

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