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370676 - Geysering episodes created by the release of a sequence of discrete air pockets in vertical shafts

Monday, June 4
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Regency Room
Co-Authors: Jue Wang, Auburn – Auburn University

Stormwater geysers are an undesired operational issue that occurs when runoff in stormwater systems returns to the grade through vertical shafts when these systems are undergoing rapid filling. Among other mechanisms, the release of large entrapped air pockets through ventilation shafts is a likely cause of many recently reported geyser events. The existing investigations upon air pocket release induced stormwater geyser indicate that the water level displacement and velocity in the shafts, representing the geyser intensity, is related to the size of released air pocket, size of the ventilation shaft, and the initial standing water depth in the shaft. However, there has been fewer studies considering the release of various discrete air pockets through vertical shafts. Considering that various reported geysers are linked to a sequence of air-water releases, it is possible that these are linked to the release of various air pockets through shafts. The present research implements a series of CFD simulations on the stormwater geyser episodes with the release of varying number and size of air pockets. It is expected to better represent the nature of real stormwater geyser events and investigate the flow characteristics of the geyser with a sequence of breakthroughs.

Jue Wang

Graduate Research Assistant
Auburn University

Jue Wang, M.S., Ph.D. student at Auburn University
Graduate Research Assistant at Department of Civil Engineering, Auburn University
Researches focus on the description of multiphase flows applying CFD tools such as OpenFOAM. Applications include the settling of particles in sediment basins, sediment resuspension and air-water motion in closed conduits.


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Jose Goes Vasconcelos, PhD

Associate Professor
Auburn University

PhD in Environmental Engineering - University of Michigan, 2005
MSc in Environmental Technology and Water Resources - University of Brasilia, 2000
BS in Civil Engineering - University of Brasilia, 1995
Currently Associate Professor at Auburn University
Member of Editorial Board of the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering and CHI Journal of Water Management and Modeling
Chair of the ASCE EWRI Hydraulic Structures Committee
Chair of the ASCE EWRI Task Committee in Two-Phase Flow In Urban Water Systems
Member of the ASCE EWRI Computational Hydraulics Committee
Advisor to the Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter at Auburn University


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370676 - Geysering episodes created by the release of a sequence of discrete air pockets in vertical shafts

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