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393647 - Sustainable Water Resources Management in intricate urban environments

Wednesday, Jun 6
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Well managed water resources for urban environments are essential, but difficult to achieve, to ease the conflicts among environmental health, social equity, and economic viability for present and future generations. The systematic investigation of interactions among land use, adaption policy, and end water users is essential to advance the understanding of complexed urban hydrologic systems and optimize the water resources planning strategies. With majority of population resided in urban environments, the stability and full functionality of water and waste water system are integral in people’s day-to-day life and prosperity of human society.

City of Newark, Delaware and City of Lincoln, Nebraska will be the 2 primary study locations, which representing humid subtropical conditions and continental climate conditions, respectively. Three subsidiary tasks are spelled out subsequently: Task 1: Access urban land use using very high resolution satellite imagery; Task 2: Assess derivative effects on landscape water use and storm-water runoff effects under extreme climate events by identified performance measurements; Task 3: Use scenario-based planning tool to prioritize adaptation strategies that should be implemented to best address impacts of climate variability.

The final deliverables of this project include: (1) A geodatabase of land use/cover map and vulnerable areas that are subjected to storm water flooding and/or water scarcity under extreme weather conditions; (2) A set of prioritized planning strategies to maximize the eco-resilience of sustainable urban environments; (3) A GIS framework of simulation of urban hydrologic systems in regional watersheds with the flexibility to be implemented on other regions.

Co-Authors: Tracy Deliberty, Pearson Hall – University of Delaware

Yao Li

PhD student
University of Delaware

My name is Yao Li. I am originally from China. I have been pursuing Phd degree in geography at University of Delaware. Urban water use and hydrology are my current research interests. I am also worked on remote sensing based Evapotranspiration estimation and detection and hydrology of playa wetlands which mainly locates in Great Plains and Rainwater Basin.