Category: Water Distribution

395003 - Simulating cyber attacks affecting water quality in water distribution systems.

Tuesday, Jun 5
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

In this work we study the effects of adversary actions affecting water quality in water distribution systems by extending epanetCPA, an EPANET-based MATLAB toolbox originally developed for simulating cyber-physical attacks aimed at disrupting the hydraulic processes in water networks. This is done by enhancing the original attacker model at the heart of epanetCPA, and by interfacing the toolbox with EPANET’s native water quality engine. We demonstrate the suitability of the proposed approach by exploring some basic examples of attack scenarios altering the water quality of a synthetic water network. We also examine the possibility of reproducing more complex cases involving multiple interacting species by linking epanetCPA with EPANET-MSX (Multi-Species eXtension).

Co-Authors: Stefano Galelli, Singapore – Singapore University of Technology and Design

Riccardo Taormina

Singapore University of Technology and Design
Singapore, Not Applicable, Singapore

Riccardo Taormina, PhD, PostDoc Reserach Fellow at iTrust, Singapore University of Technology and Design. Currently working on analyzing water distribution systems from a cyber-physical security viewpoint and developing an EPANET-based toolbox for simulation of cyber-physical attacks. Also interested in event detection, data-driven modeling, machine learning, soft computing, optimization and forecasting