Category: Water Distribution

397933 - Introducing performance behavior analysis of centralized and decentralized water distribution system through application of performance matrices

Tuesday, Jun 5
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

This research presents a methodological approach to identify best system configuration between the centralized storage system and the decentralized storage system to be constructed in developing countries, based on the comparative analysis in terms of different performance matrices. Hence the centralized system refers to a distribution network with a central source, storage, and treatment facility whereas the decentralized system is configured with distributed infrastructure components (i.e. source, storage, treatment). Due to lack of reliable and continuous power supply and limited technical capacity, many small communities, especially in developing nations, face the decision of centralized versus decentralized water supply infrastructure. In this study, an evaluation is conducted to compare alternative centralized and distributed storage infrastructure under different circumstances in terms of cost, energy intensity, life cycle energy, and change in resilience index.A hydraulic model of the water distribution network of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) in Pakistan, modeled using EPANET, is used to design both of the systems and assess system performance under various scenarios. Cost Analysis shows that the capital cost is higher in centralized system whereas operation cost is higher in the decentralized system. Due to hydraulic failure, the decentralized system loses resiliency at a higher rate compared to the centralized system but physical failure scenario analysis depicts just the opposite. These major findings along with the others help the decision makers to identify the best configuration based on their interest and priority.

Co-Authors: Steven Burian, Salt Lake City, Utah. USA – University of Utah

Nadia Jannath Nishu

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Utah
Salt Lake City