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394817 - Hydrologic evaluation by investigating soil moisture content in LID technologies

Wednesday, Jun 6
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Hydrologic analysis of low impact development technologies (LID)/Green infrastructure (GI) involves LID site design and storm water management requirement. Storm water management requires hydrologic evaluation of media in LID technologies. Media hydrology within the LID can be performed by measuring soil moisture content which limits the interaction between soil and external environment affecting plant growth, infiltration rate. For the assessment, soil moisture content in in-situ soil and LID sites (constructed wetlands (SW1), raingarden (RG1) and tree box filter (TBF) located in Kongju national University, Cheonan South Korea was measured daily at 10 and 15 cm depth. The moisture content from the sites were measured using HMM-100 multi-functional soil moisture meter once during dry days and continuously up to 6 hours during wet days after rainfall stop. The LID systems were constructed in the year 2010 to 2014 to control storm water runoff during storm events and pollutants treatment from parking lots and roads. The moisture content in the month of July ranges from 3.2- 8.8% (SW1), 3.2-10% (RG1) and 5.2-9.6 % (TBF). The higher moisture content was observed during wet days and lower in dry days. Similarly, in the month of August moisture content ranges from 3.2-10% (SW1), 3.2-10.4% (RG1) and 3.6-8.4% (TBF). The in-situ soil moisture content in RG1 ranges (12.8- 18.4%), SW1 (6-14%) and TBF (6-8.8%). The preliminary observation shows that the moisture content within the RG1 facility soil was observed maximum followed by tree box filter and wetland. The lower soil moisture content within the wetland was observed due to rigid boundary between in-situ soil and the media used in facility. Where, higher soil moisture was observed near RG1 in-situ soil due to presence of grasses compared to other sites.

Co-Authors: Franz Geronimo, Cheonan South Korea – Kongju National University; Jungsun Hong, Cheonan south Korea – Kongju National University; Leehyung Kim, Cheonan South Korea – Kongju National University

Sher BAHADUR.. Gurung

Graduate Student
Kongju National Univeristy
Cheonan Si, Republic of Korea