Category: Stormwater Symposium

403282 - EnviroDIY open-source wireless monitoring and control for smart stormwater management

Tuesday, Jun 5
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The last several years has seen a revolution in extremely low-cost and often open-source wireless sensing devices that stream data to online storage and computing resources. The the “Internet of Things” revolution has great potential to impact water quality monitoring and storm water management. Most of that potential is presently being developed within relatively expensive, proprietary, black-box systems that may preclude widespread adoption by municipalities and conservation organizations. Here we present a number of easy-to-use, low-cost, open-source hardware and software solutions to solar-powered data logging, wireless data streaming and smart systems control based on sensor inputs.

We developed the Arduino-compatible Mayfly data logger board to serve as the micro-controller “brain” for wireless devices that can transmit high-quality water level, temperature, conductivity and/or soil moisture data for $250-500 per station, depending on the choice of sensors. These costs make it feasible to have real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of each implemented infiltration basin, rain garden or detention pond in a stormwater system. With relatively minimal additional costs, these devices could control drainage valves to release water with sufficient delays to maximize sedimentation and minimize flooding. Similar Arduino-compatible devices are in widespread use in by hobbyists, but have not yet penetrated into the water quality monitoring and storm water management markets. Meanwhile, we will show how low-cost, open-source Arduino-compatible environmental monitoring devices are undergoing rapid crowd-source development and are already in use by watershed groups and researchers around the world.

Co-Authors: Craig Taylor, Oakdale, MN – LimnoTech; Nick Grewe, Oakdale, MN – LimnoTech; Ben Crary, Oakdale, MN – LimnoTech; Beth Fisher, Minneapolis – University of Minnesota; Sara Damiano, Avondale, PA – Stroud Water Research Center; Shannon Hicks, Avondale, PA – Stroud Water Research Center; Jeffery Horsburgh, Logan, UT – Utah State University

Anthony K. Aufdenkampe

Senior Environmental Scientist

Anthony Aufdenkampe, Ph.D., is a Senior Environmental Scientist at LimnoTech, with more than 20 years of experience synthesizing geochemical and hydrological data and models over watersheds. Anthony has led several open-source projects, including the Model My Watershed decision support Web application, and the EnviroDIY system for low-cost, do-it-yourself environmental monitoring.