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394561 - Research on optimal dispatching of cascade reservoirs based on electricity price prediction under the environment of electric power market

Monday, Jun 4
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

In a competitive bid-based markets, power generation groups desire to improve bidding strategies that maximize their profits. This paper provides the optimal bidding strategy model of the agent which is a price-maker hydro-electric producer in day-ahead electricity market. In a market with both price makers and price takers, price makers will most likely bid above their marginal costs. The main concern of the problem is that the market-cleaning price depends on how much the price maker bids, and the quantity the price maker produces depends on the market-cleaning price. The most difficult of the problem is for hydro producers as price maker, where the problem is non-convex, inflows are uncertain, and hydraulic coupling in the same generation group. A price-based cascade reservoirs schedule has to consider market price uncertainty and the information revealing nature of electricity markets. For this environment stochastic programming models are suggested to derive the optimal cascade reservoirs policy. In order to overcome the difficulty of solving double uncertainty optimization problem, using the fuzzy clustering neural network model to predict the future inflow. Then it will obtain the cascade reservoir schedules by considering the different price risk conditions, and the best bid price and the bid quantity by optimizing the dispatching. The proposed method is applied by the dispatching center of Guizhou’s electricity market, which a hydroelectric generating group makes up 80% of all electricity generation.

Co-Authors: Benxi Liu, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology; Chuntian Cheng, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology; Gang Li, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology; Haojianxiong Yu, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology; Fu Chen, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology; Yapeng Li, Dalian,Liaoning,China – Dalian University of Technology

Jia Lu

No.2 Linggong Road, Ganjingzi District Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Dalian University of Technology
Dalian City

Jia Lu, a PhD student at Dalian University of Technology, receive his B.S in Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering in China Three Gorges University in 2015, and now major in hydropower optimal operation and electricity market related to hydropower. His research experiences include The study of reservoir operation coupled with Climate Forecast System, Study on key technology of dumped electricity analysis and dynamic adjustment for Yunnan Power Grid, and Long term operation for mixed small hydropower system and large hydropower plants.