Category: Environmental

397654 - Analysis of hydrodynamic patterns and suspended sediment transport in the Virrilá estuary-Peru

Monday, Jun 4
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The Virrilá estuary currently presents pollution problems due to the dispersion of heavy metals that directly affects their full economic scheme based on mariculture. To find relationships between the hydrodynamic patterns and the path of pollution within the estuary, field measurements, and numerical simulations have been carried out. Field data collection comprised the dispersion of pollutants, tides, waves, wind magnitude and direction, suspended sediment concentration, water discharge, and bathymetry. Numerical modeling was conducted to evaluate the flow exchange processes and its importance to sediment transport between the Virrilá estuary and the bay of Sechura, Piura, Peru. Additionally, suspended sediment concentrations were obtained at 26 control points along the estuary. The hydrodynamic flow structure was evaluated with a two-dimensional shallow water wave numerical model. Model calibration was performed by comparison of model results with observed water levels at the estuary outlet and velocity profiles during two tidal cycles. The results showed the importance of tides in the suspended sediment transport processes inside the estuary with elevation rates of 2 meters between high and low tide. Furthermore, the results of volumetric correlation between sediment concentration and dissolved pollution, and the role of continental contributions of freshwater are shown.

Co-Authors: Carlos Carbonel, Research – National University of San Marcos; Jorge Abad, Research – University of Engineering and Technology

Yoch Ponte

Research Assistant
National University of San Marcos

Yoch ponte is a graduate in Fluid Mechanical Engineering from UNMSM. His areas of expertise include dam design and surface-water modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hydrological programming and hydraulic design. Yoch works as research assistant at CITBM - UNMSM and at CITA -UTEC, He also has experience as a consultant at Poyry and Arcadis in the energy sector.

Emanuel Zorrilla

Associate professor
National University of San Marcos

Christian Frias

Water Resources Engineer
Barr Engineering Co

Christian Frias has over seven years of consultant experience. His areas of expertise include surface-water and river-morphodynamics modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), software implementation, high-performance computing, computer programming, hydraulic structure design, and GPS surveying at open-pit mining sites. He also has experience collecting field data on large rivers in the United States, Brazil, and Peru. Christian’s work at Barr includes CFD modeling, dam failure modeling, river migration modeling, toe and bank scour calculations, and hydraulic analysis. He has published four articles in peer-review journals on river morphodynamics and large eddy simulations.