Category: Planning & Management

395737 - An Integrated Surface, Groundwater and Climate Model for Turkey’s Konya Basin

Tuesday, Jun 5
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Changes in Konya’s Mediterranean climate and water demand are expected to alter water operations in closed Konya Basin, creating a need for an integrated model to explore new scenarios for future adaptations. Located on a high altitude plains of the central Turkey, Konya is an important agricultural region. Konya is a semi-arid region, with hot and dry summers. Precipitation occurs usually in the winter and spring. Limited water supply sources make water management in the region. This study introduces a new bottom-up modeling approach that takes into accounts for groundwater, surface water and climate. Surface and groundwater are modeled with IWFM (Integrated Water Flow Model), a water resources management and planning model that simulates groundwater, surface water, stream-groundwater interaction, and other components of the hydrologic system. Agricultural operations and demand are represented using IDC (Demand Calculator), the stand-alone executable version of the root zone component of IWFM. This integrated model allows us to evaluate several different climate and water demand scenarios, and can increase the reliability of scarce water supply resources.

Co-Authors: Sercan Ceyhan, Davis, CA – University of California, Davis; Levent Kavvas, Davis, CA – University of California, Davis

Elif Surucu

Graduate Student
University of California, Davis
Davis, California