Category: Student Competition

397424 - An Energy Pricing Methodology to Apply Solar Energy in Pump Operation of Water Distribution Systems

Wednesday, Jun 6
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Water distribution systems are substantial energy consuming urban infrastructures. The majority of energy consumption of water networks occurs in pump stations. Renewable energies which need a methodology to be exploited are promising sources to supply pumps with inexpensive energy. Duration-differentiated method (DD) is an approach to apply solar power in meeting energy demands. This method is based on a bi-directional collaboration among power consumers and suppliers and takes advantage of consumers’ flexibility in power consumption. To motivate water utilities as energy consumers to participate in this method, enticing energy prices are required. This research defines a pricing mechanism for solar energy markets by which not only the benefits of both consumer and supplier are met, but the social welfare of society will be maximized.

Co-Authors: Amin Rasekh, Atlanta, GA – Sensus; M. Katherine Banks, College Station, TX – Texas A&M University

Mohsen Aghashahi

Graduate Research Assistant
Texas A&M University
College Station